Monday, May 6, 2013

Here We Go Again...

With the Chicago Bulls taking on the Miami Heat tonight, in game one of the Eastern conference semifinals, I have to say it. Enough is enough.

Derrick Rose is not coming back, and the sooner he admits this, the sooner his fan base will come back to him.

Some may be angry at his hesitation to return, saying he's been cleared for over two months now, and there's really no time like the NBA Playoffs to help your team out. But not me. I understand. Such severe injuries can be crippling, both physically but even worse, mentally. Stepping out on the court that once left you keeled over, clutching your knee in dire pain, is much harder than it seems. And let's be honest, there's a slim to none chance that the Bulls will make it past the Heat.

But what I am angry at is his lack of honesty. And beyond that, his "clueless" facade that he's been using to cover up the truth.

First there was his statement about God letting him know when he'd be back. Now make no mistake, I'm a believer as well, and would never judge or criticize someone for their faith. But giving a response like that to the media, basically shuts down any chance of followup questions. Which in turn leaves the public with no answers.

Then there was the "that's my first time hearing about it, I barely turn on the TV" reply Rose gave when asked how he felt about the pressure to return. Not only do I find it hard to believe that a young guy like Rose doesn't watch television, but in this case, such a medium isn't necessary. In fact, neither is a computer or a telephone. All he really has to do is look up at the crowd at the United Center, signs in hand, or listen to the tone of voice any and all reporters have been using with him as of late. People are disappointed, and fed up. And Rose doesn't need the TNT or NBA TV crew to tell him so.

Rose was asked on Saturday, after the Bulls beat the Brooklyn Nets (how this happened, I'm still not sure, with Kirk Hinrich in a walking boot, Luol Deng floating in and out of the Emergency Room, Joakim Noah suffering from Plantar Fasciitis, and Nate Robinson getting over a nasty flu) if he would be playing in the next series. His response? "Who knows. It's still up in the air."

You know Derrick. It's your choice to sit out. And if that's what you need to do, by all means, carry on.
But for the love of everything, stop pretending "the return" will happen anytime before next season. You've (presumably) been honest with your coach. And your teammates. So isn't it about time your fans get to officially know the truth too?

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