Monday, July 2, 2012

2012 NBA Free Agency: The Beginning

2011-2012 was not exactly the NBA season I was looking for. With the Chicago Bulls once again missing out on great potential (with no disrespect to Rip Hamilton), to the lockout setting the overall tone, and injuries like Derrick Rose's ACL tear, at least for me, this past season left a lot to be desired. However, with King James finally nabbing a ring, I have high hopes for this summer and the free agency mania that is underway.

So far some of the major stories/signings include Roy Hibbert's 4-year, $58.4 million offer with the Portland Trailblazers, Gerald Wallace heading to the Nets on a 4-year, $40 million contract, the Boston Celtics resigning Kevin Garnett for 3 years and $34 million, and Andre Miller returning to the Denver Nuggets for the next 3 years, for a so-far undisclosed amount. Business as usual.

But then of course you have the news of the Houston Rockets offering Omer Asik $25.1 million for 3 years, which some may find outrageous, the question of where Deron Williams will end up, the Lamar Odom saga finally ending with him heading back to his old stomping grounds by way of the Los Angeles Clippers, and the Dwight Howard "I want out of Orlando" circus coming back to town.

I also want to know where OJ Mayo will relocate to, how much value will be placed on Jamal Crawford, if Ray Allen is really considering going to the Miami Heat, and if the Bulls are really going to be dumb enough to take on Brandon Roy.

Stay tuned.

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