Tuesday, July 3, 2012

2012 Free Agency continues...

Everyone has a handful of free agents that they keep an eye on...for some its based on current teams, for others its strictly favoritism, and then there are those people who just follow "drama". Regardless, no basketball fan can deny the excitement that comes from hearing rumors about changes to their favorite player or home team.

Besides Dwight Howard's up-in-the-air future, it seems like the hot story lately surrounds Deron Williams. Personally, I have no preference one way or another, despite his talent his career has never really captivated me, but thoughts on him seem to be equally split. Half his fans urge him to stay in Brooklyn and work from the ground up, while the other half want him to return to his hometown of Dallas and join forces with Mark Cuban. Well, if Twitter is a reliable source (and I think we all know I believe it is), Deron is staying on the Nets. Earlier today he tweeted a photo of the Brooklyn Nets logo with the caption "made a tough decision today". Pretty obvious, no?

Something I'm more interested in though is Jason Terry's recent signing to the Boston Celtics. While I've never been the Dallas Maverick's biggest fan, I've always admired the Jet's style of play, not to mention the respect his teammates have given him over the years, even coming off the bench. Do I think he'll necessarily mesh well with the aggressive behavior of guys like Kevin Garnett? I'm not sure. But with the ability to shoot lights out, the Celtics made a great move.

Going back to the Nets for a second, although its not yet confirmed, rumor has it that ex-Atlanta Hawk Joe Johnson is headed to Brooklyn. The Hawks seem to want to revamp their team, and with a reputation of the "hoodest team in the league", I don't blame quite them.

While all this is pretty season-changing, here's what's still on my mind:

Where will Steve Nash (or Nashty as I like to call him) end up?
Will Jeremy Lin stay with the New York Knicks?
Are the Chicago Bulls considering taking back Kirk Hinrich?

Tick tock...

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